Enjoy!Cycling Musashino

Tasty Tama River, Journey along the watersides

Guidance of cycling tour

~Musashino no Mori Sustainable Tourism~

Cycling Course B
The Enchanting Tama River: a Trip along the Waterside

Approx.80 min.(Except for the length of stay) / Approx.12 km / Approx. 260 kcal / Exercise Level ★★☆

Held twice:: September 28th 2019(Sat) and October 6th 2019(Sun)
13:00~16:30 each day
(After the brewery tour, your guide will put you on the shuttle bus to the train Station.)

Maximum passenger count = 5 people   Minimum passenger count = 3 people

Tour Price per Person:6000 yen
(The picking experience at the pear farm, rental cycle fee and guide fee in English included. The factory tour is free.)

In the case of rain affecting the ability to cycle, the tour will be conducted using vehicles provided. Tours may also follow different routes due to road conditions. We ask for your understanding.

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Enjoy a leisurely trip along the waterside, mainly following the Tama River Cycling Road. Pick juicy pears and other fruit from orchards in Inagi City, then move on to Fuchu City Local Forest Park. Park your bike, then head to the final destination, the Suntory Musashino Brewery. After taking a tour, enjoy a glass of freshly poured Premium Malts.

Course outline


Tobitakyu Station of Keio Line(13:00)

Tama River Cycling Road (Left bank)

Inagi Ohashi Bridge

If the weather is good, you can even see Tokyo Sky Tree!

Inagi's Pear Farms

Tokyo is more than just a city of neon.

Omaru Aqueduct Path

Tama River Cycling Road (Right bank)

Koremasa Bridge

This is where the 2020 Tokyo Olympic road race will start.

Fuchu Tama River Kazenomichi Path

Fuchu City Kyodo-no-Mori Museum(14:45, return the bicycle)

We have tasty natto! Do you like natto?

Boy, do I!

Suntory Tokyo-Musashino Brewery(15:10~16:30)Dissolution after the tour


★Activities:Pear picking at a pear farm, sampling, Beer factory tour, and Premium Malt's tasting

Spots Along the Course

Tama River Cycling Road

Tama River Cycling Road

Stretching for about 50 kirometers along both banks of the Tama River, from Hamura City to the vicinity of Haneda Airport, this path is popular with not only cyclists, but runners and walkers as well.

Omaru Aqueduct Path

Omaru Aqueduct Path

Created during the seventeenth century by diverting water from the Tama River for agricultural irrigation, this channel is still used as an agricultural waterway today. Facilities such as a quaint walking path and waterside park have also been built, making it a popular recreation spot for local residents.

Suntory Tokyo-Musashino Brewery

Suntory Tokyo-Musashino Brewery

Learn about the beer-manufacturing process on a free guided tour(reservation required), Starting with the selection of the raw ingredients, check out the brewing process, massive storage tanks, and more. At the end of the tour, participants can taste freshly poured beer (must be at least twenty years old to drink).

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Stop Here

Fuchu City Kyodo-no-Mori Tourism &Product Center<

Fuchu City Kyodo-no-Mori Tourism &Product Center

This complex promotes Fuchu's appeal with facilities like a shop selling local products, and an area introducing the city's tourist attractions. Also on the premises, enjoy dishes made with special local wild rice and vegetables at Kotomi Café.

Daitokyo Wholesale Center<

Daitokyo Wholesale Center

Purchase professional-grade items from this market serving the cooks of Fuchu, which bustles with customers on weekends. About seventy specialty stores sell everything from fresh foods like meat, fish, and vegetables to everyday goods. Many of the stores close around 1 PM, so it's best to visit in the morning.

Even More Highlights

Inagi's Pear Farms

Inagi City is the number-one producer of Asian pears in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Freshly picked pears can be purchased at the city's farms from mid-August to early October every year.

Okunitama Shrine

This ancient shrine has drawn worshippers for over 1,900 years as the home of the guardian deity of Musashi Province. It is also famous for the Kurayami ("Darkness") Festival held every year from April 30 to May 6, with events including a horse-racing ceremony, taiko drumming, a parade of decorated festival floats, and a procession of mikoshi portable shrines.

Fuchu City Kyodo-no-Mori Museum

This museum centers around a main building containing exhibits on the natural environment and history of Fuchu City in Musashino, as well as a planetarium. There are also reconstructions of historic buildings from past centuries including merchant houses and farmhouses (with portions of the interiors open to the public). Regular admission is ¥300 for the museum and ¥600 for the planetarium.

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