The appeal of exploring "Musashino" by bike

This site provides information about excursions by bike in “Musashino,” the southeastern part of the Tama area, in the central region of Tokyo Prefecture. We will explain why we recommend an excursion by bike and all there is to enjoy.

Abundant in waterside landscapes with lush foliage

The area is notable for its abundance of waterside landscapes, including the Tama and Nogawa Rivers and the Tamagawa Aqueduct. The Kokubunji hills (commonly known as the ‘hake’) also have rich foliage dotted with clear springs. There are also numerous large metropolitan parks, which connect to form an extensive forest-like space.

Expansion of cycling lanes

With less traffic than the areas of inner Tokyo, you can enjoy a safe, relaxing and leisurely excursion. New cycling lanes are being opened in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and visitors can enjoy cycling through areas rich in nature and landscapes.

This is a relatively flat area

Apart from the stretches of hills in Kokubunji (15-20m height difference) and Fuchu (around a 10m height difference), the area is largely flat. Even if you come across one of these ranges, they are easy enough to traverse by walking your bike for a little. Your trip will never be cut short by multiple steep hills.

Historic temples and shrines, unique facilities, and shops all around

A number of historic temples and shrines like Jindaiji Temple and Okunitama Shrine can be found surrounded by greenery. There are also numerous facilities and cafes unique to this area, which make for perfect places to stop and relax during your excursion.

Walking might be the best method for strolling around town or through nature, but there's only so far you can go on foot. Driving, though, means missing out on lots of things to enjoy on the way. Bikes allow you to move quickly while stimulating your senses, and still enable you to enjoy things from your own perspective. “Musashino” is the perfect setting for your recreation. See if you can find your own favorite spots and routes.